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Our School Song

There's the happy laughter of merry maids
In a school that I dearly love
Where the school girl plays and her sorrow fades
Midst the love that is born from heav'n above
Where she learns to study and how to play
Not a single moment lost per day
And if duties are bravely and fairly done
She finds joy and happiness, friends and fun


# Sing to St. Rose of Lima's
Home of our childhood years
Where we are true and fun loving too
Where happiness dries our tears
Now dear St. Rose of Lima's
Each of us bravely strives
That from today
Ever we may
Honour thee in our lives. #


Yes we learn to study, to work, to play
To be skilled in the higher arts
But this knowledge time will soon sweep away
It does not prove the worth of the truest hearts
Here are lessons taught of a noble kind
That Our Lady plants in every mind
They are loyalty, honour and kindliness
To guide us through life to the land of bliss


Repeat #

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