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About Us

St. Rose of Lima’s School Past Student’s Association (Primary School) provides a platform for Rosian alumni to stay connected to the school and its current students. Our mission is to develop channels and opportunities to push Rosian’s goals, establish networks and allow us to give back to the school community that gave us so much.

We urge our fellow Alumni to join our community and help develop our beloved school. Your support and participation are vital to helping continue the Rosian spirit and carry on instilling the values we were taught at St. Rose of Lima's School to the next generation of students.

We look forward to hearing from and meeting you all, and we will highly appreciate any support you can give us.

Irene Wong, President

2021-2023 committee.JPG

Executive Committee 2021-2023


Irene Wong

Selina Siu

Betty Yeung

Ellen Lam

Lynda Lo

Cecilia Chiu

Mary Fan

Gloria Siu

Lucy Cheung

Teresa Ng


Vice President

Vice President



Recreation Planner

Recreation Planner





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