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Interested in finding out about our current's School Supervicor's journey to becoming a sister and the message she has for Rosian alumni?

In this interview, we have a one-on-one talk with Sister Mak, the current School Supervisor of St Rose of Lima’s School. She reminisces about her journey toward becoming a sister and the obstacles she faced along the way, particularly the fact that her mother was strongly against her becoming a sister. In the interview, she also encourages us to continue exercising our school motto and strive to create environments that allow spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth by proclaiming the Gospel and teaching moral values.

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Find out about Father Tam's inspiration for becoming a father as we discuss the design rationale behind the new chapel, among other things.

In this series of videos, we talk with Father Tam and discuss his path to becoming a Father and what inspired him to go down this road. We also talk about the design rationale of the new St. Rose of Lima's School chapel and the decisions behind making this place a spiritual and holy space for the students.

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